To promote and conduct social, cultural, and historical research; to produce knowledge, and to disseminate academic outputs that contribute to enhancing the skills of various populations, as well as facilitating their involvement in the development of sustainable development in the autonomous regions and the country as a whole.



We are a center dedicated to social and cultural research, with an emphasis on anthropology, history, and linguistics, that is in service to communities in autonomous regions and the national and international research community, in accordance with the mission statement of the BICU-CIDCA.


General Goals

To contribute to the study of cultural heritage and the social and anthropological processes of CIDCA-BICU and the region by doing basic and applied interdisciplinary research. We do this with the intent of developing new holistic interpretations within the social sciences and humanities to preserve our cultural products and provide resources of the highest quality.



  • Innovation
  • Sustainability
  • Ethics
  • Commitment to the communities
  • Support to institutions and collaborations with other academic or citizen entities
  • Cultural revitalization of communities


Objectives and goals of BICU-CIDCA:

  1. Propose social, cultural, and historical research on the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast, especially in aspects related to archaeology, anthropology, ethnohistory, socioeconomics, and linguistics. This also includes related events from other socioeconomic or socio-historical contexts that have impacted the region.
  2. Collaborate with other governmental and non-governmental organizations in research and the design and implementation of sectoral plans and organizational systems that respond to the needs and achievements of the communities of the Caribbean Coast for a greater participation from those communities.
  3. Strengthen the Historical Documentation Center in order to centralize, classify, and digitize all of the information generated through research, historical documents, and academic work, as well as any other relevant information about the specific issues that affect the communities of the region. The goal is also to create conditions for the preservation and restoration of BICU-CIDCA’s historical documents.
  4. Publish the results of academic and historical research in various outlets with the purpose of informing the coastal population and the national and international community on the social, cultural, and historical realities of the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua.
  5. Establish collaborative partnerships with national and international institutions dedicated to social, cultural, and historical research.
  6. Extend, broaden, and improve the conditions of the Museums of Cultural History of the two autonomous regions of the Nicaraguan Costa Caribe to preserve tangible and intangible heritage.
  7. Create human resources that support the Documentation Center, Museum of Cultural History, and researchers working on the socio-cultural issues of Costa Caribe.


Services offered by BICU-CIDCA

Area of social, cultural, and historical research: This area is managed by the directors and is responsible for managing international funds for projects related to the research agenda of BICU-CIDCA. Some examples of these include research in the fields of archaeology, anthropology, social sciences, and history, among others.

Historical Documentation Center: This area preserves social, historical, and cultural documents and provides access to students, national and international researchers, and the general public. Additionally, the Center has an area dedicated to the restoration and conservation of historical documentation.





Collections list image from CIDCA collection
Colección Digital del Periódico “La Información”

"La Información" was a newspaper that covered the general affairs of the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua and ran from the 14th of September of 1917 until ceasing its operations in 1981. The content in this newspaper featured a large swath of what are now historical events in Bluefields, Nicaragua, 1917-1981. Its reporting covered mainly local, as well as national and social news ... Read more.


Categories: Newspapers

Date Range: 1920 - 1998

Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Languages: Spanish, English